Friday, October 16, 2015

Diva Challenge: Munchin

I'd never tried Munchin before this week's challenge, so I decided to follow along with the video and see what happened. My dots and lines formed themselves into this S-like pattern, and I felt like it needed something organic to balance all those sharp, straight lines. Turning the "S" on its side made me think that perhaps the curve might hold some water, so I went for one of my favorite "mac-n-cheese" tangles, Hairy.
To call it "Mac n' cheese," however, does not mean that I can always draw it flawlessly without much thought. In fact, I find myself returning to the step-out repeatedly when I'm trying to get started. But once I get the first few curves down it always starts to flow and I really get into it. A perfect example of "zentangle" for me. :)

Anyway, this is what I had after shading.

I had some time left, and I realized that it really needed color. I'd drawn on a flimsy 3x5 card which I knew would not hold up to watercolor, so I grabbed the kids' colored pencils. Whether out of laziness or the because I was in the throes of creative fervor I didn't take time to find the sharpener, but I did decide that I had both water And fire. So this is what came out

I actually found myself pretty excited about it, and also inspired to do another along the same lines using better paper and colors. 
I took some time at it, using a 4 inch bar coaster, an 01 Micron, and my watercolor pencils. 
And, as happens about as often as not, my planned piece didn't end up nearly so pleasing as the one that just "happened." Oh, there's nothing in particular wrong with it, I suppose. The colors aren't quite as vibrant; the munchin not quite as balanced perhaps? But compared to the original it lacks... something. 
Still, the dichotomy of fire and water was playing around in my brain, and I knew it was reminding me of a Bible verse. I looked it up and added it. Here it is. 

Lessons learned? Don't assume cheap tools are automatically inferior to (slightly) more expensive ones. Don't be surprised when you can't recreate intentionally something that just "worked." And if you're going to use cheap paper for your daily "scratch" doodles, be prepared to regret that every once in a while when the magic strikes.  :) 


LonettA said...

Very lovely tile! I like your soft colouring!

Jenny Cooper said...

Had to laugh! I can't tell you how many times something that looked really good in my "ideas" book turned out "meh" in real life - because the original spark was gone! Must be the Zen in the original tangle!

Jenny Cooper said...

But, came back to say, I loved your fire and water idea!

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Really love the addition of the color! Beautiful!

Anne's tangle blog said...

This is beautiful and so shining; I love it.