Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Diva Challenge 236: Tangle something unexpected

This week's Diva challenge is to tangle on something unexpected.

(UPDATE: Several of you mentioned that my images were not appearing when I initially posted this. Whoops! This was a permissions problem: I had skipped the step of moving the photos I wanted to use from my default backup location on Google Photos into my Craft Blog album. Google Photos users may want to take note! All fixed now, though!)

As it happens, I've Been tangling on weird things off and on over the past few weeks.
First, though, what we chose for today: leaves! Seems appropriate for the first day of Fall!

Choke Cherry Leaves tangled using Three Tree by

Giant Magnolia leaf tangled with Skep

Giant Magnolia tangled with Awrop from

Those were a lot of fun, but pretty transitory - I think the magnolia leaves will last a while, but the little yellow guys were looking bad within half an hour. Of course, my kids fighting over them didn't help... 

Anyway, I've also been tangling on rock lately, which is probably not quite so unexpected as all that, but they do make fun garden ornaments when complete. I sealed them with a spray sealer so hopefully they won't just wash away! (By the way, I used a combo of micron and IdentiPen for the black on these rocks, and I felt that the IdentiPen ran just a bit when sprayed with the art sealer.) 

(My favorite, tangled with Tropicana. I have plans to give it to my neighbors whose adult daughter is suffering from leukemia.) 

And finally, the oddest thing I've recently tangled is my daughter's white beach ball! :) Again, I used the IdentiPen, and mostly Arukas variants. Later, my daughter colored a great deal of it in with Sharpies. I don't expect it will last, but that's OK: as usual the fun is in the process. 


Annette Carlo said...

Hello Annette! Wow, we are both Annette's and we both have a last name that begins with a C!! I love it!! Hey I just want you to know, that your pictures are not showing up o your blog post. Disregard this message, if they are showing up, then it would be my computer. Just thought I 'd let you know. :0) Annette C :0)

Antonine Koval said...

Hi Annette. I'm sorry to say I can't see your images either! Your description makes me really want to come back again, so see if Blogger can help you!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Like Annette and Antonine I cannot see the pictures!

TarkheenaCrafts said...

Thank you all for alerting me to this problem! I skipped a step when posting this: I did not move my photos from their default upload location in Google Photos to the Craft Blog album that I've made public. The default location, of course, is private. Whoops!