Thursday, May 16, 2013

Soothie Pacifier Keeper

Third time's the charm, right?  After two babies in a row who had little to no interest in the pacifier, new baby Lucy actually finds them - well - pacifying! It's wonderful!
However, it's no fun chasing them down when she - intentionally or otherwise - spits 'em out and they land on the floor, roll under a chair, and pick up every bit of dust or fluff they come near.
We're using the "Soothie" brand pacies that we got from the hospital, which are all one piece with no handle or large loop through which a traditional clip-on pacifier holder can attach, although they do have two small holes.
A friend mentioned that her daughter used a "WubbaNub:" a small, slightly weighted stuffed animal attached to the pacifier, which helps keep the thing in place on baby's chest, and from falling out and hitting the floor as well. It also makes it much harder to lose!
I have plans to make something in this line - no animals, 'cause those are Work! - but a simple bean bag out of PUL fabric with some fun ribbon taggies to play with or suck on as she gets older. It'll have velcro so I can detach the paci for cleaning and generally be very cool.  Sadly, my sewing machine is broken, so this project is on hold.  (Hand-sewing PUL is no fun at all.  Trust me, I tried!) But it suddenly occurred to me this morning that it needn't be that complicated!
Enter the "Pacifier Snake!"
Lucy, making her very first appearance on Mommy's blog

I found an orphaned baby sock and filled it with a handful of rice.  I then threaded some ribbon through the holes, and inserted the free ends into the top of the sock. Five minutes of hand-sewing later, I had my end product. And let me just say, it Works.  I haven't had the baby spit it on the floor once all day, nor have I lost it in the baby sling or etc. She's been able to get it back in her mouth a time or two after losing it while rocking, and she even accidentally grabbed onto it this evening.
My only concern is that the sock Will get damp. I'd be more comfortable in this instance with plastic fill beads, because I suspect the rice will get nasty after a while.
Still, I can always take out the seam, dump the rice, wash everything, and put it back together: it's a low labor project.

Here are another couple of pictures to show off my baby product

Hope you find this useful!

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