Thursday, November 27, 2008

Welcome to Tarkheena Crafts

What, another crafting blog? Aren't there already at least 43 gazillion of those?
Yes, probably so. Who cares? Every crafter, and therefore every craft is unique. I don't expect to ever gather a huge "angry chicken" level following, but I'll amuse myself and maybe a few friends posting the crafts that I've "perfected," complete with tutorials.
A bit about my crafting style. The word "perfected' is in quotes above for a good reason. While I am a perfectionist in many ways, I am also all about "good enough" in most of my crafting, cooking, and (let's be fair) cleaning endeavors. I love shortcuts. I hate ironing. I prefer to measure once and cute twice (or three, or four) times. So you're not going to find things here that demand absolute precision and accuracy in all steps. In other words, no quilts!
Right now I am in a sewing mode. I pulled out Mom's ancient but very functional sewing machine a few months back and have been having fun ever since. More recently I got Grandma's (also ancient) serger serviced, so you may see a few projects featuring rolled hems.
Some day you may also see a crochet project or two, and who knows what else. I've done it all at least once, except glass blowing. (I'm pyrophobic!)
With that, On to the first project!

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