Friday, August 25, 2017

Fairies in a Jar Kit Instructions

Did you get one of our Fairy Jar Kits?
We're excited for you! My daughters love making fairies, and we think you will too.

Before you get started, find yourself a good place to work. I recommend a spot at the dining room table, and you might ask to borrow one of Mom's (clean) cookie sheets too, just to keep your materials together.

Now, let's open the jar. Here's what you'll find inside.
* Two or three flowers and leaves
* Four pipe cleaners
* Two wooden beads (heads)
* Hand-full of pretty plastic beads
* Two 4-inch hanks of embroidery floss

Here are a couple of tool you will need
* Old, sturdy scissors or wire cutters for the pipe cleaners. (do NOT use Mom's good sewing scissors!)
* Fine tipped permanent marker for faces (unless you got one of our kits with the faces pre-drawn.)

Now that you have everything, let's get started!

  1. Remove a some small blossoms from your flowers for a hat. They should pull apart easily. There may be a hole in the middle already, or you might need to poke one with a pipe cleaner. 
  2. Thread a small coordinating bead and a blossom onto your pipe cleaner, leaving about 1.5 inches or so at the top. 
  3. Find the fairy hair. Loop the short end of your pipe cleaner back through the hole in the flower 'hat.' Use this end of the pipe cleaner to secure the hair by wrapping it around the bundle, and then twisting it around the long end of the cleaner. (See photos to the right) 
  4. If you haven't already, thread on your fairy's head. 
  5. This is where you get to do all sorts of improvising.
    Are there leaves in your kit? Maybe you can thread them on here to make wings!
    You could also make wings by stringing 6 medium beads on a pipe cleaner, folding it into a loop, and then repeating to make a figure-8. Attach it just below the head with the loose ends of the pipe cleaner.
    Or, you can make your fairy a blouse out of another blossom. Thread it on before you add arms. 
  6. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner for your fairy's arms. Attach it to your fairy below the head by wrapping it around the stalk a couple of times. You can add beads or other decorations if you like, too. Make a loop at the end for hands. 
  7. If you added a blossom to make a blouse, complete it by folding it over, allowing two petals to be "sleeves." Tie a piece of yarn or thread around the middle to keep it in place. 
  8. Now, add one or two blossoms for the fairy's skirt. 
  9. Finally, make her legs. If you want, add some beads before folding over a loop for a foot. Cut another piece of pipe cleaner and attach it by wrapping it well at the waist, decorate as desired, and fold into the second foot. 
  10. Use a fine-tipped permanent marker to draw your fairy's smiling face, and you're done! 

But since pictures are worth so much more than words, here are some close-ups of several of our fairies.
Fairy with leaf wings and beaded blouse and bloomers
Fairy with blossom blouse
Fairy with jeweled wings

We hope you had fun making fairies with your kit. If you need a few more friends for them, you should be able to pick up extra pipe cleaners, flowers, and even beads at your nearest dollar store or craft store. The only thing you might have trouble finding are the wooden beads for the heads. I think we got ours at Jo Ann Fabrics! 

Please, let us know in the comments how your fairies turned out. We'd love to hear from you!

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