Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Diva Challenge 301: Duo-tangle

It's been many, many months since I last participated in a Diva challenge, but this evening I had some free-ish time since my husband had the two older kids at Taekwondo. So I gave the 3-year-old some pens and grabbed one of my own.
This week's challenge was to duo-tangle Paradox and Diva Dance. I've always had a little trouble with the latter, but tonight it flowed better than usual. I also feel like it's a pretty good match with Paradox - which I do like, especially when rounded.
Anyway, here it is. And hopefully I'll have more opportunities to play along this year.

I had even More free time later, so I pulled out the new, massive set of colored pencils my husband got me for Christmas. I didn't even try to limit my palate - just went full rainbow. :) 


Deanne Biron said...

Beautiful in its simplicity! :)

Anonymous said...

This takes the paradox a step further, more curvy and less geometric. Very pleasing to the eye.

Karen said...

Nice work, I like the curves!

Jean Chaney said...

Lovely flow to this tile. Fun to see it with some glorious colors too!

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Love the flow that your got with your paradox. So fun to see the black and white and then the color.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Good to see you back here! Your tile is beautiful.

LezliB said...

I love the flow in your work. Beautiful!

Choo Say said...

Glad to see you here!
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