Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fairies In A Jar: Easy Gift Idea

My daughter is always drawn to the beautifully packaged craft kits when we walk through a store like Michael's or Joann Fabrics. I am too, but not so much the price: $15 - $20 for maybe $5 worth of supplies and a nice instruction sheet? I can do better!
Remembering the fun we had with our Flower Fairies last month, I suggested we make a fairy kit for one of our little friends who is having a birthday, and as I was about to get a plain ol' zip-top bag to package the supplies, I happened across a Mason jar instead. Voila: fairies in a jar!

Here's what we packed inside:
* One "silk" flower (from a Dollar Tree bush), separated into petals and leaves
* Four green pipe cleaners
* Two wooden beads for heads
* Hand-full of pretty plastic beads
* Two 4-inch hanks of embroidery floss

I hung a tag with a link to the instructions on ribbons around the neck of the jar, and that was it.
Quick, easy, pretty, and best of all, cheap! *

Here's my tag image if you want to print your own. It's a little "quick and dirty," but it has the key info! (It's designed to fit on an 8.5x11 sheet)
* We had all these supplies on hand. If you're buying special, expect to pay about $2 for pipe cleaners, $3 for wooden beads, $1 for a flower bush, $0.35 for some DMC floss, and $1 or so for extra beads (optional). That's less than $8, and will make at least dozen fairies, especially if you buy two flower bushes.

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