Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quick n' Easy Triangle Box with Template

A fellow member of the "Tangled Gems" Facebook group posted a photo of a beautifully decorated folded box. She was kind enough to point me to this tutorial for folding the boxes. (The site is German but the blogger provided a translation.)
I have been making dozens of tangled magnets for Christmas (tutorial here) and needed a way to package them for gift giving, so I immediately began working on a plan to mass produce this box.

Long story short: Here is a template!

To use, click the image to enlarge, then right-click to download it. 
Print it at 100% on your printer - make whatever settings adjustments necessary for your specific equipment to ensure that it fills the whole paper. I recommend a heavier cardstock, although even standard paper works pretty well - and it's a Lot easier to fold!  
You make two boxes to the sheet. 
Definitely refer to the folding tutorial linked above, but the basics are this: 
1) Cut along all of the vertical gray lines, but NOT the horizontal one. (It should be dotted, but I was in a hurry!) 
2) Decorate one or both "triangles" as desired
3) Fold in half along the horizontal heavy gray line 
4) Fold along each dotted diagonal line
5) Punch a hole through both flaps on each side and tie together with ribbon. Assuming you are going to put anything inside, you may want to seal the edges near the bottom with clear tape, especially if you are not using heavy paper. 
Easy as that! 

Couple of quick tips if you, like me, haven't done much precision folding with heavy paper: 
1) Align a ruler or other straight edge along the line you are about to fold to use as a guide. Press your fold into the ruler's edge. 
2) Make your folds twice: first the 'wrong' way (towards the right side of the paper in this case) and then the right way. Go ahead and use your nail or even you ruler to make them nice and crisp. 

I've printed several of these on green paper which I'm going to give to the 5 year olds in my Sunday school class to decorate with crayons and stickers this week. I'm sure I'll do the folding, but the decorating is well within their reach. :) 

And now, a few bonuses! 
If you'd like to color my tree (which is drawn using the tangle echoism), here it is

And if you don't want to color either, here are two sheets where I've done the coloring for you. Just download, print, and fold! 

All images copyright Annette Collins / tarkheenacrafts 2015. But please feel free to use and modify as your heart desires! 

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