Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Diva Challenge: Just a Tiny Taste

This week's challenge was to leave most of our tile blank. Not really my usual style unless I am specifically planning a journal page or frame, but a couple of ideas popped into my head right off.

I've drawn Croscro as an wrought iron fence before and liked it, but that particular drawing was full of technical errors (I know, no mistakes in Zentangle, right? Not really!) and I wanted to try again.

It's still a little wobbly, but closer to what I had in mind! (I could wish I'd been more careful when I set it down on my kitchen counter, though! Arrgh!) 

I spent some time with the kids at the amazingly cool children's floor of the Vancouver (Washington) Library this afternoon, and the multi-hued and richly textured decor gave me quite a lot of inspiration. For instance the raindrop mobile caught my eye, and this not-quite-Bijou sized tile was the result. (I'm not going to say how many times I started over due to messing up the umbrella though. Let's just say it was more than three!)  

Finally, I've been exploring Cat-Kin lately, which is fun to combine with other "garden" variety tangles.

So there you have it: three quick almost minimalist tiles. I kinda like 'em!


1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More said...

Three great tiles! Thanks for introducing me to a new tangle, Croscro. I hadn't seen that one before and really like the way it looks. Off to try it!

Anonymous said...

As far as the raindrop piece is concerned, it was worth the effort. I think all your work here looks good.

Lily M. said...

Lovely tiles :)

Sandra Sch. said...

I like your tiles all :-) The one with the umbrella is a great idea and so well drawn and I love the garden one - it's so beautiful!

Sue Sharp said...

Three very original and very different tiles - Nicely done!