Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quick n' Dirty Kitchen Towel Hanger

Another quick "life hack" for you here. If you're tired of picking your kitchen towels up off the floor after they slide off the oven door handle, you don't need to call your mom to ask her to crochet you up half a dozen of these towel toppers.  (Please note, I am not suggesting that you do not need to call your mom for other reasons. You probably do. Go ahead and make her day!)
Instead, raid your drawer - or your daughter's drawer - for an elastic headband. Didn't find one? I got a pack of 6 at the Dollar Tree. They look like this:
Thankfully, they come in lots of colors aside from bright yellow!
Loop it around your oven handle. You'll be making a shape like this, with the oven handle going through the center of the top loop.

Now, insert your towel into the bottom loop. Voila: your towel is stuck like glue to your oven handle and it's not going anywhere! (Note: I tied a knot in the bottom loop to make it a little smaller, Your mileage may vary.) 

There, one annoying kitchen problem hacked. Have fun! 

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