Diva Challenge #210

After a long hiatus, I finally had the free space and inspiration on my Monday morning to work on a Diva challenge. Today's challenge is to use a spiral as a string, which the Diva finds challenging because there are no closed spaces created.
I made it a step worse by choosing a geometric tangle and then trying to twist it a little to go along with the curve. Frankly, it kinda got away from me in a few places near the center. OK, near the edges too! But "no mistakes in Zentangle," right? I soldiered on, and by the time I'd finished shading was pretty happy with it.

The tangle here is "Skep," for which I've published a step-out here. It's quite possible someone else has already done a step-out for this or a very close relative. If it rings any bells with you, I'd love to know where it appeared first.


Margaret Blank said…
I haven't seen this pattern before - what is it and where can I find a step out, please? I think it works really well, especially the shading, which gives great 3D.
ChristineC said…
Ce dessin avec un seul motif est à la fois simple mais donne un résultat très intéressant.

This tile with only one pattern is simple but gives a very interesting result.
TarkheenaCrafts said…
Margaret, I called the pattern "Skep" and the step-out is at http://tarkheenacrafts.blogspot.com/2015/03/skep-out.html
Kristi Schueler said…
I like the direction you took it! I too found the lack of closed spaces especially challenging. Your tile is giving me a few other ideas on ways to take the spiral should I revisit the challenge. Thank you!
A very pretty tile and the shading is done well.
LonettA said…
Very pretty tile with a fine 3D effect!
Sue Sharp said…
You did a great job of putting the angular tangle into a spiral! Nicely done, beautifully shaded.

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