Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diva Challenge #182: Stripes

By pure chance, I'd turned out a 3 inch tile with a stripe-like string on Sunday before the latest Diva challenge was posted. I was eager to do more, though, so this larger one was my Monday project.

So, that field of vaguely hexagonal flowers in the upper right started out as one of the Barney variations.
I didn't like it. It didn't "go" with the other tangles at all, and it was just annoying me. Finally it hit me that I could turn it into flowers by rounding the corners of each hexagon section, which I promptly spent the next 20 minutes doing. It's hardly perfect (what tangle ever is?!), but I am quite a bit happier with it.
I have it in the back of my head that I've seen some hexagonal flowers before that look a little like this, but a search through Tanglepatterns.com is not in the cards for this morning. If anyone happens to know what it is, I'd love to hear it!
The rest of the tangles are:
Bottom left: a single iteration of "Croscro," a new favorite.
Next:  a mixture of Printemps, Purrlyz, and several Purrly-like flowers in which I inadvertently spiraled the petals on upside down. I decided to just go with it. :)
Next: Diva Dance with a few flowers thrown in for interest and continuity
Then there are the Barney flowers, and finally an unnamed flower in the top corner.
Over all I am reasonably happy with it, although it's perhaps a Bit busy. :)

Here's the smaller time I did Sunday:
The heavy black vine tangle is one I've been working up on my own. No name yet, but I may eventually gather the courage to do the step out and submit it for consideration. It needs a little better balance first.
I am not remembering the name of the second tangle from the left. I've seen it lots of places but never formally looked it up.
The next is a tangleation /and combination of Arches and Tropicana, and of course there is some Betweed in between.
Thanks for the challenge: this was quite entertaining!


Kia said...

some lovely stripes. You've been very innovative with the pattern that wouldn't work. Well done.

Anne's tangle blog said...

Lovely, very lovely indeed.

LonettA said...

Both are lovely! Especially I like the first one!