Friday, April 10, 2009

Very "quick n' dirty" tutorial for "Pee Pee TeePee"

I am seriously embarrassed that more than three years after its premier, this remains my most popular blog entry of all time.  Why?!  Is there a deep, unmet need out there for such a product?  Is it all the spam comments the post collected up front?  Or is it merely that it triggers the "potty humor" reflex in nearly every one who sees it?  I suppose we'll never know, but I've seriously considered deleting it.  Several times.  Because let's be honest, it doesn't really work.  I checked the original publish date: it was just under a month *before my son was born!* That's right folks: I Didn't Have a Clue!
In real life I tried to use these little gems three or four times.  And they kept falling off.  And he never really had much tendency to sprinkle in the first place. And even if he had, it would have been Much easier to use a wash-rag, which is big enough to shield the entire area, won't fall off when you lift his legs to wipe his butt, and is far easier to store.  So seriously, don't make one of these.  Unless you just can't wait to see the look on your friend's face when she unwraps it at the baby shower for her first son.  In that case, sew away!

Some disclaimers right up front:
1) Definitely not an original idea. You can buy these lots of places - you can even pay $10 for a commercial version at Babies R Us.
2) There's a better tutorial for a more professional looking option at Little Birdie Secrets.
Mine is quicker and easier, but Not more professional!
3) I am not very good at the whole serger thing yet. My "pattern" uses a serger. I will also include instructions for using a regular sewing machine at the end.
OK, on to the tutorial.
This is what we're making:

It's basically a small cone to place proactively at changing time on the little "sprinkler" your baby boy comes with. Better than a face full of pee, right? ;)

* 1 10x5 inch piece of flannel. If you want to make yourself a larger version (this size is probably a little small for older babies) you'll need a little more flannel
* Thread to match (unlike mine!)

* Sewing machine or serger
* Scissors
* CD to use as a template, or larger bowl / jar.

Skills: Basic sewing machine or serger operation

1. Using a CD as a template (A CD is 5 inches in diameter, BTW!), cut two circles of flannel.

2. Cut an arc out of your circles approx. 1/6 of the total. I just eyeballed this: precision is rather unnecessary.

You can see how it folds into a little teepee shape here:

3. Serge the edges of the arc together

4. Now serge a perfect, pretty circle all around the edge. (Sarcasm intentional. Like I said, serging is a new skill to me!)
Brown thread would certainly make it look better though - but I'm not re-threading that thing, are you?!?

Alternate directions for using a standard sewing machine:

Steps 1 and 2 as above. You probably will want a slightly larger circle, though, to permit greater seam allowances.
3. Place right sides together, if using a print . Using a scant seam allowance, sew all the way around the diameter of the circle.

4. Turn the piece inside out. Match the two edges of the arc, and sew - again, using a scant seam allowance.


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